I am now located in Denver Colorado, although many of the images are from the Galveston, Texas area where I was previously located. Both are locations rich in photographic opportunities, both in nature and on the street. Much of my bird and nature photography has been on the upper and middle Texas coast.

My equipment is mostly Nikon and my post-processing is primarily Lightroom, Photoshop and plugins. The post-processing is intended to emulate darkroom processes to produce the image that I visualized in the viewfinder, sometimes with texture added in Photoshop. 

'Seeing' photographically is an area where I constantly endeavor to improve. It is a continuing challenge to be aware of the changing light and to notice the surroundings that can be used to make a meaningful image. In nature photography the camera must also be ready and the viewfinder to the eye when the action happens or the image that was seen and visualized can easily be missed. But in nature a missed image will sometimes repeat - with patience. As John Szarkowski said, "Luck is the attentive photographer's best teacher, for it defines what might be expected next time."

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